It takes teamwork to install a kitchen or bath, and we consider it our job to make sure the team works together.

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Thumbs-Up Designs is a professional design company equipped to guide your construction project from concept to design to installation. Whether designing the kitchen, bath, or any room in your home, we offer a broad array of design choices with the utmost flexibility in fashioning the exact look you desire.
We work with contractors and homeowners to design and install one-of-a-kind:

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beautiful kitchenQuality Drawings

A quality project starts with a quality design.  The design process begins with a consultation with our certified kitchen and bath designer who will walk with you through your Wish List to determine which products will work best.  Our team will create a detailed rendering of your room so you know what it will look like before construction begins.  Gone are the days of flat schematics as we use 3-D renderings to show the depth and various angles of your room.  Have an amazing view from your kitchen window?  You can see it incorporated into our drawings.  This amount of detailing allows you to make changes to the project before materials have been ordered, and it also prevents costly change orders.  After that, we’ll handle the pesky details—who will install it, manage the project, and make sure everything is just right.  With Thumbs-Up Designs, we’ve got you covered as it is our goal is to have you feel comfortable and excited about your design from the word “Go!”

Quality Cabinetry

At Thumbs-Up Designs, we are self-professed “quality snobs” and our decades of experience allow us to recognize excellence in cabinet design, material selection, construction, and finishes.  We only work with manufacturers who adhere to these high standards of craftsmanship as we want our customers to be satisfied for a lifetime. 

We offer 6 lines of cabinetry to make the “shoe fit” as we believe in making custom cabinetry to fit the space.  Each cabinetry line has a specific price point, but no matter which one you choose, they all come with a lifetime warranty complete with a baked-on conversion finish.  What this means is even if a child writes on it with a permanent marker, acetone nail polish remover will remove the marker but not harm the finish.

Need a kitchen but don’t have a contractor?
  We can refer you to one.

Are you a handy DIY person? 
We are more than happy to work with you.

Our cabinetry lines include everything from incredibly classic woods to ultra-modern designs and we can help you find the one perfect for your project:

Quality Stone

You put forth a great deal of time and effort into choosing the perfect cabinetry for you room, and it is equally important to chose a countertop that will withstand the rigors of life as well.  Whether you desire granite, quartz, marble, manmade Corian, or modern laminate we’ve got you covered.  Over the years we have developed great relationships with companies who are as dedicated to quality as we are which is why we send our valued customers to them:

Solid Surface Creations Inc.
Stone Fabricators Inc.
Bacon & Van Buskirk

Quality Results

Long after the last cabinet has been installed, you are a still a client of Thumbs-Up Designs.  We are so confident you will love our work and the materials we use, all of our jobs carry a lifetime guarantee.  To schedule a consultation, please Contact Us